My name is Ann Giangarra. I am 57 years old and this is my first blog site and first attempt at anything even remotely considered social media.

That’s my husband, Mark and me in the picture; taken in March 2011.  We had just landed at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. We were on our way to Jerusalem for an eleven-day tour of the Holy Land. It was an amazing experience.

What I am about to share with you might be a little hard to read at first, but please bear with me as I lay a foundation for my background and lead you up to my current “Life-Part II”; as I have come to call my present days.  I promise, if you can stay with me and continue to read, you will be uplifted and convinced that you too can become an overcomer and live an abundant life – now!

The Foundation

I am a Christian and have been saved (born again) since 1990 and delivered from spiritual darkness (depression, panic attacks, confusion, self-hatred, nervousness, suicidal tormenting thoughts and periodic paralyzing fear) since June of 2012. My hope with this site is to be an encouragement to other Christians and anyone who has questions about Christianity.

I am not an expert at anything nor can I claim any special talents or abilities. As a child, I never did ballet, played any sports, did gymnastics, played an instrument, sang or danced, participated in any school clubs or after-school activities. In school, my grades we average but most subjects were a learning challenge for me and I could never grasp anything beyond basic math.

My Working Years

I recently retired from Yale University after 27 years of service (holding four different positions during that time).  Before my time at Yale, I worked for a women’s clothing chain for seven years.  As I cycled in and out of depression/nervousness/confusion, and all their other dark companions (which I stated above), I struggled in each job I held to fully understand my complete job detail/duties. I did, however, have strength in my weakness and received divine intervention/help each time I called upon Jesus’ name (as His Word promises!). And by His grace, I was blessed with supportive bosses/co-workers (some became good friends) and was more times than not, the recipient of much compassion, patience and grace through all my working years.

 Testimony of a Changed Life

I grew up knowing about God. I could see Him in my brother, who at the age of 19 moved to Tennessee and found salvation in Jesus – the way, the truth and the life. I knew there was a God, but anger and confusion in my mind and heart led me to believe that God existed for others, but not for me.

There was a big hole in my heart that I tried to fill with a wide range of unhealthy, earthly things. At the age of 30 through my brother’s loving witness, I came to see that the emptiness and pain in my life could only be filled/healed by a total commitment/relationship with Jesus Christ.

So, at the end of my own strength and on my face (literally) I asked Jesus to forgive my many sins, come into my heart/life, and walk beside me each moment of every new day.  It wasn’t a lightning bolt, but gradually God began to change my heart and heal my mind.

June 2012 (last bout of depression) – Catapulted to This New Journey ‘Life-Part II’

For more of my testimony and for the details of how Jesus has set me free, please join me on my blog page as I’ll explain how you too can live an abundant life now – in Christ, Jesus.

My Prayer

My hope and prayer with this blog are to be used by Jesus as a vessel of His love and healing power for the whole world.  I know this prayer might sound prideful (to some, even delusional), but what God has done for me, He wills to do for ANYONE who will love/seek Him, and take Him at His Word.

Since this blog is my first adventure with social media, I am going to trust Jesus each new day for inspiration, for His words (not mine) of life and hope, by the power of His Holy Spirit and His Word of truth (the Bible). I have no set agenda of what that will be, or how this blog will look. One day Jesus might lead me to share a Bible verse (or more) or to share how He has spoken to me or worked through my husband’s heartfelt prayer (for our dog, Noah).  Another day He might call me to pray for a burden that He has placed on my heart, or share with you how my husband’s aunt had an encounter with Jesus (she asked for forgiveness of her sins and was born again) 3 days before she passed away (at age 83).  So check in with me on my blog page and come along on the journey to an Abundant Life – Now!

I believed; therefore I have spoken. With that same Spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak,… 2 Corinthians 4:13