A Prayer of Thanksgiving – Here I Am Lord. Send Me.

A Prayer of Thanksgiving – Here I Am Lord. Send Me.

Today I’d like to share with you a prayer of thanksgiving to my Savior and LORD of my life, Jesus of Nazareth.  I have had this prayer of thanksgiving in my heart and mind for a few years but have not known what to do with it. In the last few days, (by the prompting of the Holy Spirit), I’ve come to believe I am to share this prayer with the ‘world’ (or as much of the world as God wills).

Before I share my prayer, I need to preface it with a few words of explanation.

  • The words in these two songs have been in my heart and have run through my mind each time I have prayed my prayer of thanksgiving. Each time I pray, “How do I thank You, Lord,” I immediately think of the lyrics from “To Sir With Love” – “How do you thank someone”…  I share the singer’s (Lulu) struggle to show her gratitude; even if she were to “write across the sky” and give ‘Sir’ “the moon.” Both gestures represent the ‘height’ of her love and a debt, too big to ever repay. Each time I pray, “Lord, I want the whole world to know You,” I immediately think of the lyrics from – “I’d like to teach the world to sing”…
  • My prayer is not complete without these songs. As you will see as you read on, I have changed some of the lyrics (written in bold text) to emphasize my special prayer of love to my Lord. The original lyrics (changed) are in parentheses.

My Prayer

I don’t know what to do with this love I have for You Lord Jesus (I feel like I am going to ‘pop’). I’ve never known a love like Yours. There is no one like You; no one Your equal.

You are my reality; as real to me as anything/anyone I can see or touch.  You’ve taught me about Your ability/will to change, heal, deliver, and restore life. You have healed my mind and lifted my life, that was graved in emptiness and darkness.

Where do I go to show the world that You are real and true, that You are the only way to new life? How do I show the world that what You’ve done for me was achieved at Calvary, for all to receive? How do I tell them, Lord? How do I help them see?

You amaze me with Your love, my Jesus. If I lived a thousand years and thanked You with my every breath, I would still have praises to sing to You. How do I thank You?

… ♪ But how do you thank someone
who has taken you from (crayons) death to (perfume) life?
It isn’t easy, but I’ll try.
If You wanted the sky
I would write across the sky in letters
that would soar a thousand feet high
To (Sir) my Lord with love.
…A Friend who taught me (right) righteousness from (wrong) sin
and weak from strong, that’s a lot to learn.
What can I give You in return?
If you wanted (the moon) me in Iran
(I would try to make a start), I’d climb the rooftops to sing to You
but I would rather You let me give my (heart) life
To (Sir) my Lord with love ♪

Jesus, You were the breath at Creation, the bright and morning star. You are above all and overall. You sit in the heavens You created. You are the living Word. The hope for all the world, immaculate love. Grace and truth – the fullness of God. Times and seasons change; You are constant, perfect love. You will turn no one away who calls on Your name. I want everyone I know to know You, Lord. I want the whole world to know You.

♪ I’d like to teach the world to sing, (in perfect harmony) of Jesus my King
I’d like to hold it in my arms
(and keep it company) And bring them to their knees
I’d like to show the world, my LORD if they would only see
that He’s the One that died for them, to bring them victory.
He’s the one true God, Jesus is. Who the world needs to see. ♪

The whole world Lord. Every communist, ISIS members, atheists, every unrepentant sinner. Every backslider; return to your first love. Every doubter; believe. Every rich young ‘ruler;’ love God above your riches and idols. Every discouraged seeker, every cult member, every evil dictator/oppressive government, all terrorists; Jesus loves you – see Him on the Cross for your sins and mine.

Revive us again, O LORD, that Your people may rejoice in You

Hearts of the fathers turn to the children, hearts of the children to the fathers (Malachi 4:6).  … he will go on before the Lord, in the spirit and power of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the parents to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous–to make ready a people prepared for the Lord (Luke 1:16-17).

May generational curses and addictions be broken (fallen to the ground). May Your truth reign once again. Let evil be called evil and good called good.  May the world cry out to real Love. You, Lord, are our only hope.

Oh Church of the living God, hang up your phones, put down your idols made by human hands. It’s time for the Bride to return to Her first Love. Prodigals, your Father has killed the fatted calf, He has prepared the ring for your finger, and called for the robe of righteousness for your back.

One more time, let Your love resound. Call the blessed to be a blessing. Bride of Christ; let us live by faith, salt the earth, shine His Light; for His namesake. Children of God; love, covet, seek God alone.

If I sang a thousand love songs and danced a thousand dances, they would all be incomplete, unsung. I would still have unending songs of love to sing to You. You sing songs of love over me.  You quieted me with Your love (Zephaniah 3:17).

Send me out Lord. I want to tell of Your unending, marvelous works. Here I am Lord. Send me! (Isaiah 6:8)                 

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