Sozo – (New Testament, Greek word) Definition: 1. to save, keep safe and sound, to rescue from danger or destruction. a. from injury or peril 2. to save a suffering one (from perishing), i.e. one suffering from disease, to make well, heal, restore to health.

My Last Post

In my last post (November 2, 2016), I left off telling you about the panic attacks that started when I was a little girl and continued into my early 20s. When the panic attacks diminished, the darkness morphed into depression, anxiety and what I used to call “mind-boggling confusion.” Because of that confusion (caused by the depression), I took two medical leave of absences from Yale. One (LOA) was in 1996 when after doing the same job for eight years, I couldn’t think clearly enough to carry out any of my duties. My job was held open for me, but when I was strong enough to return to work (about fifteen months later), I started a new job. I took my second LOA a few years later, again shut down by depression and confusion. I finally settled into the Department of Astronomy and although I was still battling many of the symptoms of oppression, I was able to work there (happily) until I retired in 2015.

Healing Ministries

My experience with healing ministries (Sozo) began at Gateway Christian Fellowship Church (West Haven, CT) after my friend Janine (co-worker from Yale) told me about a healing/deliverance ministry at Gateway (at that time), called Bondage Breakers. Gateway’s current healing ministry is called Sozo.

Bondage Breakers Ministry – Gateway Church

The Bondage Breakers seminar began on July 14, 2009, and met every 2-3 weeks on Tuesday night. Each class had a topic. The session I was most interested in was – “Guilt, shame, condemnation, rejection, abandonment, victim, trauma, and grief.”  The session was scheduled for September 15, 2009. I never missed one class but somehow I forgot about the one session I most wanted to attend. Janie told me there was a makeup session scheduled for November 3, 2009; I didn’t ‘forget’ this time.

The Prayers Begin

We went through the usual repent, renounce, deliverance steps (asking for forgiveness for any/all ways that *doors of access to our lives, were opened to the enemy). During ‘deliverance’ as I was praying with my head down, I felt a hand on my shoulder. As I looked up, I saw Janine standing behind me (Janine was part of the Bondage Breakers deliverance team).  She asked me how I was doing. I told her that I was doing a little better in the last few weeks.  Janine began to pray out loud for me and told me that I needed to tell the spirit (s) of depression, confusion, nervousness to “Go” (in Jesus name)! I did, but with little conviction. Janine continued to pray and she told me how much Jesus loved me and that she knew how much I wanted to be set free.  Again she said, “Tell the spirit to go; Jesus loves you so much.”  I told her I didn’t deserve His love. She then called Phebian over (another member of the deliverance team) and explained to her what was going on.  Janine told me that my feelings of unworthiness were a lie coming from the enemy!  Phebian and Janine began to pray together.

Call Upon Jesus

Janine told me to call upon Jesus.  I couldn’t say His name, nor look Janine in the eye. She kept telling me to look at her and call upon Jesus.  She reminded me that earlier that night Carol (the team leader) taught the Scripture in Acts 2:21 – All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved.  I  tried to say His name but I couldn’t!  I told Janine: “I can’t.”  Janine and Phebian began to pray more fervently; for about 5 minutes.  I finally began to agree with them saying “Yes, LORD, thank You, Jesus.”  Afterward, Janine explained that I couldn’t call on Jesus because the enemy knew that he would have to leave me alone once I called my Saviors name, for deliverance.  The next day at work, Janine and I talked/prayed. She prayed that the LORD would help me stay alert and aware of the slow oncoming signs of depression/confusion (Luke 11: 21-26).

My Next Post – Next Step In Deliverance – Learning Who I Am In Christ – Taking Authority Over the Enemy (In Jesus Name)

I was now beginning to understand that what I had been calling “my depression” didn’t belong to me, as a child of God. I was also learning that at The Cross, Jesus died for the whole world to be forgiven of their sins and free from all its evil effects (Psalm 103 1-6).  Hallelujah!!! 

*  Note: “doors of access” – refers to getting involved with Ouija boards, psychics, freemasonry, sexual immorality,  false religions, holding unforgiveness (of self and/or others), alcoholism, drug abuse, etc.

My peace I give you; My peace I leave you… Do not let your hearts be troubled; do not be afraid.  John 14:27  


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