From Co-Worker To Prophet, While Peeling Onions

From Co-Worker To Prophet, While Peeling Onions

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a prophet as: A person who delivers messages that are believed to have come from God. By that definition, my Yale, Department of Astronomy co-worker, Suzanne was a prophet… at least for a day.

The date was 3/14/07. The time was 12:40 pm. It was the day after a 100th birthday party celebration for a co-worker/friend of mine and Suzanne’s.  Our friend’s name was Dorrit Hoffleit. She was an amazing lady of character, grace, and warmth. Suzanne, along with many Department of Astronomy and Physics Department members had celebrated Dorrit’s birthday together. Dorrit was so excited about reaching her 100th year of life.  I wouldn’t have missed her special day for the world, except that I was in the middle of another bout of darkness and confusion. I went to work that day but was not able to leave at lunchtime to go to her party (another part of my old struggle, was social anxiety).

So the next day when Suzanne walked into my office, needless to say, I really needed a good word; or two.  Suzanne and I were acquainted strictly on a business level (which changed pretty quickly after our next conversation).  The following is a direct quote from Suzanne: “I know you weren’t at Dorrit’s party yesterday and I think I suspect why. I hope I won’t put my foot in my mouth but if I do, I hope you’ll forgive me. While peeling onions last night, the LORD spoke to me and told me I had to come and talk to you today and tell you what He said. He told me to tell you that if you find a medication that helps you, it is God’s gift to you – His way of helping you with your problems.”

Suzanne had NO way of knowing this at the time, but what she told me was a direct answer to a year-long prayer (at least part 1 of that prayer) I had been fervently praying. If that wasn’t enough, at 3:10 that afternoon (when Suzanne was leaving for the day), she returned to my office (this time by way of the outside courtyard of the building, at my office window) to tell me one more thing the LORD said. “Ann,” she said, “I forgot to tell you one more thing the LORD said. He said, He has ‘work for you to do and He needs you well.’ That was part 2 of my prayer – “LORD use me.”

Since this is just the beginning of a semi-long story, in my next post I’ll explain the details of my year-long prayer and Suzanne’s growing curiosity about this God who had just spoken to her.

More to come…





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